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Corundum smelting process method and characteristics

1, corundum smelting process characteristics

    (1) The main raw material is smelt alumina corundum, melting point increases with increasing Al2O3 content, generally 1700 ~ 1900 ℃, and the product has a melting point of 2050 ℃, so the temperature of the melt furnace must be maintained at above 2050 ℃ .

    (2) in the smelting process, charge roughly divided into three layers. The top layer is baked layer, an intermediate layer is sintered, the lower layer is melted, and three material layers are not completely separate.

    (3) in the smelting process, the delivery of power to the furnace is basically assigned to two aspects: First, the high temperature heat of the arc, is mainly used to melt the charge; the second is the heat resistance of the melt, mainly to improve the melt temperature, the chemical The reaction smoothly.

    (4) smelting process not only make the charge melted. Alumina in an electric furnace smelting process to a greater extent is partially carried out, a melting part, a part of the reaction, Make part of the process which is the sampling interval must be adjusted with the charge smelting reasons.

2, corundum smelting method and characteristics

    Corundum smelting methods can be divided frit law, law and exile dumping law.

    Frit law interrupted production, low level of mechanization, the use of low energy, high power units, there is lack of materials before each have smelting furnace repair, but a small investment, simple equipment, easy to operate, is small abrasive smelting plant the main method of corundum. Dumping Act continuous production, high degree of mechanization, Lee reasonable heat, low power consumption of the unit, there is no lack of material, it does not always furnace repair, high production efficiency, but the investment is large, is currently the most common form of corundum smelting method. Exiles law is also continuous production, high degree of automation, but also has other advantages dumping law, but large investment, equipment complex, so is not yet formally applied. Dumping Act of technical indicators generally better than frit law. Two kinds of process specifications comparison table:

Dumping Law and Law frit Technical indicators compare

EAF capacity

Process methods

Power unit/(KW·h/t)

Hourly output/(kg/h)

Unit material consumption/(t/t)


Dumping Law





Frit law




   In addition to these differences, there are differences in product quality corundum. Dumping Law and exile produced corundum crystalline aggregates more, smaller crystal size, due to the distribution of glassy and titanium minerals in the grain boundary, the frit is greater than the self-sharpening method. The frit production of monocrystalline corundum more larger crystal size, high abrasive strength and hardness.