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We are professional abrasive materials manufacturer located in Zhoucun HI-Tech developing area, Zibo city of China. 

We have 3 Tilt-type furnaces, 2 Fixed-type furnaces and 5 advanced processing machineries lines for abrasives materials production. The yearly production capacity of brown fused alumina oxide 12000Mt, white aluminum oxide 10000Mt, Pink fused alumina oxide 5000Mt, Zirconia fused alumina oxide 2000Mt & Silicon carbide 4000Mt. 

BEDROCK CORUNDUM – The Grinding & Polishing Arts!


We have physical and chemical laboratory and advanced abrasives materials inspection equipments for quality testing, we control the production strictly in every step & guarantee the good, stable quality.

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide
Calcined Fused Alumina Oxide -Blue Fired
Professional Machinery
Advanced testing equipment
Packing & Stock

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Add: No.2168, Dongmen RD, Zhoucun, Zibo city, Shandong, China.